What To Expect in Fibonacci Futures Trading Room

The Accuracy of Fibonacci Extensions and Retracements

Alla Peters, the founder of the Fibonacci Trading Institute Proprietary Fibonacci Method, provides Fibonacci Analysis on the S&P 500 Emini Futures every morning at the market open in S&P Emini Futures Trading Room. Alla demonstrates Fibonacci Extensions and Fibonacci Retracements strategies taught in the course on various time frames from 1 min to 60 mins, to weekly and monthly charts on any instruments.
Accuracy of Fibonacci Method on S&P, AMZN, TSLA, EURUSD, AAPL:

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Trading Room Schedule Based on Sniper Mentality Taught in Fibonacci Mastery Course.
Fibonacci Sniper is a Trader, who takes advantage of trend inceptions at Fibonacci Reversals and walks away from the screen when market in corrections. Maximum screen time 10 hrs per week is the focus of Fibonacci Mastery Course and Trading Room.
Standard Guidelines:
1. Room opens at 930 am EST on average 3 hrs per day Mon- Thursday.
Arrive on time and prior to 930 EST to listen to Proprietary Fibonacci Analysis of S&P E-Mini Future on Day Trading and Position Trading Charts.
2. If market volatile in the first hour and trades are present: room will close early.
3. If market is slow: room will close for breaks and will reopen when key Fibonacci Levels are reached. Time will be posted in the room.

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Futures Trading Room opens Monday through Thursday 9:30-12:30 EST. Alla demonstrates on various timeframes, how to use Price Action for Entry and Fibonacci Retracement Levels as Targets. All Fibonacci Retracements and Fibonacci Extensions are Proprietary Fibonacci Levels, which apply to any instrument, any time frame and any platform.


The proprietary Fibonacci levels, which Alla has developed have unparallel accuracy and when these key Fibonacci Ratios are used properly – they can produce significant results.

Alla teaches these rules in Fibonacci Mastery Course, from a complete beginner through to hedge fund traders, and also consults with hedge funds using the exact same formula on long term stocks and indexes.

Key notes for Day Trading Entries:

  • The 60-minute Fibonacci Levels remain the key levels for intraday trading.
  • All trades are taken from Fibonacci Support/Resistance and Never into them.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Fibonacci levels are identified and considered in day trading as these levels are where Institutions trade from.

All Fibonacci Retracement and Fibonacci Extensions are Proprietary Fibonacci Levels, which apply to any instrument, any time frame and any platform.

Decision Point 1 is a key Fibonacci Level and identifies the end of the minor trend: this is Key Target only in counter trend trade.

  • If the trend is Minor: price will stage a powerful reversal from this area.
  • If the trend is Major: price will break this area but never enter into it.

Decision Point 2 is the next key Fibonacci Level which has lesser importance but needs to be respected and never entered into. This is Key Target in Trending Markets.

Reversal Zones are trend reversal levels where price stages a complete reversal 80% of the time and trend continuation entries are never taken into this area. If the rules for the Fibonacci Strategy are met, then opposite trend inception trades are taken from here.

If the market is trending then price will stage only corrective formations in Fibonacci Reversal Zones. This is exactly when the knowledge of strategy rules are key to prevent entry into corrective price formations.

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