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Hi Alla, I caught much of the move up yesterday on ES. I am using weekly call options (expire Feb. 21) on the SPY. This was how they were doing today at the open, up 94%. That is all I’m doing for today. I’m grateful for any profit I make in these wild markets. I will always be grateful to you for sharing this method with us. Love and Light, Ed – Feb 15, 2018

Alla – Trying to stay focused on learning from you, I noticed this afternoon 2 beautiful trades occurring. I usually don’t trade in the afternoon but having stopped at home, I checked the screen and WOW !! it is all about quality. Thanks as always for sharing your knowledge. The strength you have shown these past few weeks reminds me of a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson… “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”– An honor to be in your class…Lee

“Hi Dear Alla, So this is what I get from following you, obeying your rules and paying attention to the weekly institutional method. I wanted to let you know how the trade is going. My call options were up by 22% this morning as you can see from the screenshot. As I am typing this they are now up by 25%. As you can see, they are June 17 calls, so I have about 4 weeks until they expire. I intend to hold them. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing your insight into the markets!! This is definitely the best course I have taken in my trading career and I have been in the markets for 8 years. I was reluctant to take another course but Ken ( who took the course) convinced me and I have an open mind., All the best,”– ED, May 19 2017

“Simply the best”!!!! Their is no truer statement I can make concerning Alla and what she shows us on a daily basis. Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts and giving us the opportunity to learn and be successful.” – Jernard

“Having taken 5 trading courses including 2 brick and mortar schools I can say without hesitation this is the

“Good morning Alla,
I became aware of you and your Fibonacci system at the beginning of March, am taking your education course, have removed all indicators and trade exclusively based on your Fibonacci levels.
You can see what has happened to a small US account I have and in particular how my trading has improved since I made the switch to Fibonacci.
have a great day and a very big Thank You, – Charles 05/12/2017

“Alla, you are just AMAZING! Every time I listen to you & learn, I get Inspired about not only trading & Flawless Fibs, but Freedom & Life…there are very few Gem Teachers with Great Heart & Love for students as you!” – D. 03/10/2017

*Trade# looks exaggerated because I often scale positions.

*Trade# looks exaggerated because I often scale positions.

“Dear Alla, I just would like to let you know that November was, so far, the best month (- up almost 25%) in my ES day-trading journey (since 6/2016) in terms of consistency and profit.

Tachi's Performance, Jan - Feb 2017

Tachi’s Performance, Jan – Feb 2017

While it may be nothing for some experienced traders, this kind of result is something I only dreamed of several months ago. I really hope I’m not jinxing it, but please let me share it with you. I just have to make sure (and hope and pray) that I will stay focused, and committed to the trading and risk management rules I have learned. I feel privileged to be able to enjoy the benefits of your trading strategies and knowledge. Please feel free to share the above with others, if you think it’s useful. Best regards.”

Sincerely, -Tachi

“Dear Alla, I thank you so very much for all that you do for our class and for all the very kind things you have done for me personally. You are my hero!! I ordered a gift for you last Tuesday. I just got a notice that delivery, to your home, will be Tuesday, Dec 6th. They will require water!! I hope you love them; they come all the way from Ecuador.”

– Love you, Janice

“I simply set my IRON CONDOR positions outside the FIBONACCI REVERSAL ZONES and let it fly! I’ve done so well, that I created an LLC trading corporation to keep more capital nourishment! Incredibly, I have not yet lost money on any trade! I turned 65 on Aug. 4 and am now confident that I will be able to financially sustain myself during retirement because of Alla Peters! You’ve heard of “grain fed”? Well, I now give you “Fibonacci Fed” trading account!
Thank you and God bless you, Alla Peters! I hope our paths cross someday!”

– Your forever grateful student, Jim L. 8/20/2016

“It is truly a privilege to know you and work with you, Alla!! Blessings !”

– Gene W

“Your Brilliance Is Breathtaking!!!! So grateful for your excellent teaching and wisdom!! I Love You!!!!”

– William P

“It’s your market insights that are the best !”

– Michael MG

“I Love listening to you! I continue to learn!!”

– Tachi

“Anyone here who has not signed up for course yet, do yourself a favor and sign up. Alla’s methods are golden!”

– Pam

“Love you so much! Changed my life with your method. You are my Guiding Light!”

– Preston

“I learned more in 10 days than I ever imagined! Thank you Alla!!!!”

Michael M

“You are changing my life!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!”

– Kurt

“I just listened to Preston’s audio testimony. Fully agree you are my guiding light also Alla! You are an exceptional mentor when it comes to following the rules and do not deviate whatsoever!”

– Cameron J

“Your new students are doing well, because your teaching skills are 100%. I thank God for you everyday and ask that he keeps you safe and healthy. I continue to learn from you!! Love you!”

– Janice

“Forever grateful to you and all the interest you have shown in me in personal development as a trader.”

– Rick

“I am so grateful I met you! Only one week in the course and I see markets in a totally different light!”

– Paul

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoying today’s training session. It was OUTSTANDING!! I just LOVE the way you share your insights into the market. I have been searching for a Fibonacci mentor like you for 3 years now.”

– Jerry

“Absolutely Fantastic”

“I do wish I had found your room about two years earlier as I think I probably own every single indicator that’s been programmed for Ninja! You are doing an absolutely fantastic job guiding students through the trades. Thanks and best regards.”

– David

“A Change from the Frenetic”

“Alla, just wanted to drop you a note about how much I have appreciated being in the room. . . . The atmosphere has been quite a change from the frenetic pace of most trade rooms I have experienced . . . . Your room is definitely relaxed. I look forward to continuing my participation in the room and hope to sign up for the course soon. Regards.”

– Jim

“Fantastic Job!”

“You are doing an absolutely fantastic job guiding students through the trades. I hope the room becomes a major success story for you! Thanks and best regards.”

– David

“I can’t endorse highly enough this course… the instructor or the results!”

“I have taken many courses over the years and, like others, spent many thousands of dollars. I was initially attracted to Alla’s Fibonacci Trading Course based on something she does that no one in my experience does, her method has a success rate that is in the 80-90% range. On that basis alone I invested in her class, and became an instant convert, believer and enthusiastic follower.”

“Alla’s technique is clear, concise and easy to learn.There is constant drilling of the fundamentals so one is allowed to learn almost effortlessly. Alla teaches classes that emphasize the construction and analysis of Wave Technique, which works together with her setups. Alla gives unlimited support and encouragement through homework assignments, further honing your skills.”

“I continue to be amazed at how incredibly accurate the Wave Theory works, very often coming TO THE TICK of either standard or proprietary Fibonacci Levels. I spend lots of screen time constructing and reviewing waves, and find that these levels continue to be active even several days after their placement. I can’t endorse highly enough this course, the teaching or the results! When you eliminate indicators and focus on pure Price Action seen through the lens of Wave Analysis, amazing things happen.”

– Dr. Tony

You think you can just look at the chart, you can find all those crucial candle formations, you can apply your favorite indicator and say “hello” to your reward? Good luck with that! Admit honestly that you cannot trade with consistent profits, admit that time and time again the market shows you that you’re not smart enough, that you’re not savvy enough, that you’re just playing Russian roulette and you’re losing this game most of the time. That’s what I was doing for awhile until I accidentally found Fibonacci Trading Institute and it’s founder Alla Peters.
Alla is great! She might not have letter “h” in her name, but she definitely speaks to market Gods with a capital “G”. She will teach you very simple rules, she will solve the price movement mystery for you and she will show you how perfect and flawless her system is and why it works time after time. She will teach you patience and discipline, she will guide you step-by-step through the learning process and she will be there for you long after you graduate from her Institute. So, if you’re serious about learning how to trade and invest, if you’re tired of other useless schools and instructors, you must signup for Alla’s class and see for yourself the magic and simplicity of her method.

– Andrei 8/9/2016


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