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Comey’s Testimony Rally S&P

Dear Trader,

Success is Not the Key to Happiness. Happiness is the Key to Success. If You Love What You Do: Life Becomes A Never Ending Vacation. If you love the markets and you master Price Action: each and every day, trading and investing will become easier as you will stress less and know when not to stare at the screen.

Comey’s testimony on Thursday was once in a lifetime event, that proves once again that Fibonacci will override anything, including pretty painful political events:

Comey's Testimony Fibonacci Rally S&P, Oil, Gold, AAPL.

The overextended bullish rally, with institutions holding their positions has put us through more corrective markets on Wednesday. Despite the horrific bearish news on Oil and more terrorist attacks: the S&P was sitting at Fibonacci Support and longs were the only option at that time, as all rules for entry had been met:

View Accuracy of Fibonacci Reversal Zones on S&P, Oil, Gold, Euro, AAPL

A trader who loves the markets: knows that mastering price action and conquering instant gratification is holding the key to success. If these 2 pieces of the puzzle are accomplished: this trader lives a beautiful life, filled with joy and prosperity. Every day trading becomes easier as knowledge will only improve. Life becomes much more enjoyable and my mission is accomplished. As students become my dearest friends for life.

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Listen To Testimonies From Graduates Who Share Their Success Stories:
Graduate Testimonies

If you have had enough of Delayed Artificial Indicators and understand that Fibonacci Is the Only Predictive Natural Mathematical Sequence That Forms the Market Puzzle:

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Comey's Speech S&P Fibonacci Levels

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