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View Fibonacci Accuracy in Live Markets on S&P, Oil, FB and CRK

Dear Trader, This week, during the 8 hours the Fibonacci Trading Room was open, 4 Trades reached Fibonacci Targets. Every trader in the room trades different lot sizes. You can see in the video below what played out in the…
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Weekly Fibonacci Recap of TSLA, EURUSD, S&P, Oil and AAPL

Dear Trader, This week was quite a news filled week. We witnessed that news does not mean a thing across multiple instruments, but Price Action and Fibonacci form the markets independently of any news. The market is a flawless Fibonacci…
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A Must See Accuracy of the Fibonacci Method on S&P, AMZN, AAPL, and EURUSD

Dear Trader, This Thursday the S&P tested traders for the ultimate knowledge of corrective markets. Traders who understand Pure Price Action and Fibonacci strategies stayed out of trouble monitoring for trades at Key Fibonacci Support. “Alla, your technique is an
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Weekly Summary of S&P E-Mini Fibonacci Rallies and TSLA and FB Collapses

Dear Trader, This entire week S&P E-mini Futures and all Indexes with Index Futures staged powerful bullish rallies from long term institutional Fibonacci Reversal Zones. These key trend inception levels give traders ultimate trade entries at every trend inception. Traders…
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How Fibonacci Keep Traders Out Of Trouble.

Dear Trader, Adjusting to various market conditions will determine traders’ success in the markets. The ultimate place to be is at trend inception, which exactly played out in the markets on Monday morning. The worst place for traders to be…
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S&P Fibonacci Collapse…5 Spaces Left in BootCamp

  S&P Fibonacci Collapse, 24 Trades Summary, AAPL, FB, MCD, COST. Dear Trader, This month, February 2018: 21 S&P E- Mini trades out of 24 reached Fibonacci Targets in Fibonacci Trading Room where you can witness the accuracy of Proprietary…
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New Fibonacci Class Starts Feb 12. Dear Trader, On February 5th the market staged the most powerful bearish collapse on record. We saw a bullish rally that started from Trend Inception at Fibonacci Support at 1800 and reached Key Fibonacci…
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